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Meet Wanbing

Wanbing – Performance Marketing Specialist

Wanbing’s experience in digital marketing is a key component in taking Sleep Cycle’s online campaigns to the next level and she is always looking for new ways to optimize our online marketing efforts.

What do you do and what do you love most about your role?

My role at Sleep Cycle is Performance Marketing Specialist. I am responsible for creating, analyzing, and optimizing campaigns on digital platforms.

I really enjoy working with an inspiring and energetic team. And I enjoy and feel motivated by new challenges, the continuous learning opportunities, and the testing to reach our performance targets that this role offers.

How would you describe Sleep Cycle in three words?

  • Sharing
  • Fun
  • Autonomous

Everyone at Sleep Cycle is dedicated and supportive. We share news, information, and best practices, so we can learn from each other more efficiently. I am also empowered to make decisions and take the initiative of testing and executing ideas.

Favorite Sleep Cycle Benefit?

We have many great benefits. I feel that I have been looked after truly well. For example, massages and group training are a wonderful combination. I take massages on a regular basis. It is relaxing and meditative for both body and mind. After the body and mind had a good rest, the group training reactivates them. I feel energetic and fully recharged.

Favorite moment at Sleep Cycle

There are many great moments at Sleep Cycle. I like brainstorming with my team members and learning from their different perspectives. My favorite moment is after testing numerous optimization ideas, finally, identifying the best one, and then adopting the learning as part of future optimization strategies.

Favorite Sleep Cycle feature?

I always use Sleep Aid to relax before sleep.

Favorite quote?

“Less is more”. There are unlimited things to do, read, see and learn. Using a limited lifetime to do unlimited things is impossible. So, we must do less, but better.

Any hidden talents?

I used to play the piano and French horn at a professional level. I also love delicious food, and consider exploring and cooking it an important part of my life.