Lär känna Vernesa

Vernesa – CRM Marketing Specialist

Vernesa’s passion for creative and data driven customer relationship management helps make our users love Sleep Cycle year after year.  She is passionate about making a difference and is always looking for opportunities for growth.

What do you do and what do you love most about your role?

I am part of the growth marketing team focusing on creating engaging marketing communication with our existing customers. I love working in the intersection between product, technology and marketing with my humble, smart and fun colleagues.

How would you describe Sleep Cycle in three words?

  • Prestigeless and open-minded culture
  • Work life balance
  • Innovative and forward-going spirit

Why should a prospective candidate choose Sleep Cycle as an employer?

Innovative ever-changeable work environment with knowledgeable and prestigeless colleagues.

Favorite Sleep Cycle Benefit?

Testing new workout types together with my colleagues like Megaformer or Ride classes that I wouldn’t choose myself. Hello outside-of-the-box experiences!

Favorite Sleep Cycle feature?

Any type of our Sleep aid helps me to fall asleep. I am totally hooked on ASMR experience, different nature sounds and guided meditations to help me wind down and fall asleep easier.

Favorite quote?

“What you admire in others - is within you”. Because we often forget or do not take time to explore what talents and traits we possess, and I think it is important to remind ourselves of the fact that we already have so much within ourselves.

How do you preferably spend a Saturday evening?

After eventful work/school weeks, a perfect Saturday is winding down with my family watching a movie in our new house.