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Sleep Cycle launches ‘Sleep Goal’ in iOS to help users schedule better sleep
January 25, 2022, 08:30
GOTHENBURG, Sweden – January 25, 2022 – Sleep Cycle, the world’s most popular sleep tracking application, today announced the launch of ‘Sleep Goal’ – a new feature in iOS that helps users schedule their wake-up time and bedtime to further improve their sleep routine by setting a weekly sleep goal. 

“Launching ‘Sleep Goal’ is in line with our aim to put the tools for better sleep directly in the hands of our users,” said Sandra Hansson, Chief Product Officer at Sleep Cycle. “At its core, it encourages regularity and a healthy sleep routine with positive reinforcement when sleep goals are achieved. The vast user data accumulated will also lead to even more valuable insights into sleep patterns and sleep quality for the user. We’re proud to release a feature which has such a direct impact in helping people across the world maintain good sleep habits.”

Sleep irregularity has been linked to a 10-year risk of cardiovascular disease, greater obesity, hypertension and diabetes. It has also been associated with increased perceived stress and depression. ‘Sleep Goal’ therefore becomes an important tool in helping to curb sleep irregularity as its purpose is to help users plan a consistent sleep routine every week, which will translate into a long-term behavioral change. ‘Sleep Goal’ went through extensive testing before the roll out, which showed high engagement rates for the feature and increased consistency in using the app. The user’s journey is supported by a weekly overview, so they can track their progress.  It also serves as an effective reminder to activate the popular smart alarm each night and to remind our users that it’s time for bed.

Sleep Cycle leads the field in analyzing users’ sleep and presenting this data in easy-to-understand graphs. In line with Sleep Cycle’s mission to continue developing products that help people worldwide improve their sleep , ‘Sleep Goal’ will initially be available for all users on the iOS platform.

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CFO and Head of Investor Relations
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Malin Abrahamsson
Head of PR
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About Sleep Cycle
With millions of active users and over 400 million nights analyzed in more than 150 countries, Sleep Cycle is the leading sleep tracker application and one of the most widely used solutions worldwide to improve sleep health. Sleep Cycles mission is to improve global health by empowering people to sleep better. Since its launch in 2009, Sleep Cycle has helped millions of people understand their sleeping habits and improve their sleep. Sleep Cycle is one of the worlds most comprehensive sources for statistics, frequently contributing to sleep research by collaborating with renowned universities and research facilities worldwide. Sleep Cycle is regularly featured in notable media outlets covering the product and the companys released Sleep reports. Sleep Cycle ( is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm under the ticker SLEEP. The head office is located in Gothenburg, Sweden and the company has 44 employees.