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Maciej Drejak is proposed as new Board member of Sleep Cycle
June 28, 2023, 08:30
Regulatory information
Göteborg, Sweden, 28 June 2023 - The Nomination Committee has today announced the proposal to elect Maciej Drejak as new Board member. The Board of Directors of Sleep Cycle therefore intends to convene an Extraordinary General Meeting (“EGM”).

The Nomination Committee of Sleep Cycle, which after the Annual General Meeting 2023 consists of Anna Sundberg (Handelsbanken Fonder), Martin Anthonsen (MCGA AB and H265 AB), Erik Olsson (GLA Invest SA) and Anne Broeng (chairperson of the Board of Directors), proposes that the Board of Directors of Sleep Cycle shall be increased by one member and that Maciej Drejak is elected as new Board member of Sleep Cycle. Maciej Drejak is the founder and main owner of Sleep Cycle and holds, through companies, 43 per cent of the shares and votes in Sleep Cycle.

“I am pleased about the nomination committee’s proposal to appoint Maciej Drejak as new member of the board of directors in Sleep Cycle. Maciej has solid experience in app and software development and as the founder of Sleep Cycle he will bring valuable skills and experience to the board’s work”, says Anne Broeng, chair of the board.

Maciej Drejak (born 1978) is the founder and main owner of Sleep Cycle. Maciej Drejak holds a high school natural science education and has a background as a developer, system architect and entrepreneur. In addition to Sleep Cycle, he has also founded Ninja Games AB and Everdrone AB. He has also developed several successful apps, websites and other applications. Maciej Drejak today works as lead software developer at Everdrone AB, where he is also a board member. Maciej Drejak holds through the companies h265 AB and MCGA AB 8,707,984 shares, corresponding to 43 per cent of the shares and votes, in Sleep Cycle. Maciej Drejak is considered to be independent in relation to the company and the executive management, but not in relation to the company’s major shareholders.

More information about the EGM can be found in the notice to the EGM, which will be published through a separate press release.

For more information, please contact:

Anna Sundberg, chairperson of the Nomination Committee
+46 70 845 0391
[email protected]


About Sleep Cycle

With millions of daily active users and over two billion nights analyzed in more than 150 countries, Sleep Cycle is the leading sleep tracking application and one of the most widely used solutions worldwide to improve sleep health. Sleep Cycle’s mission is to improve global health by empowering people to sleep better. Since its launch in 2009, Sleep Cycle has helped millions of people understand their sleep habits and improve their sleep. The mobile application helps users fall asleep more easily, tracks and analyses sleep during the night, wakes the user in a light sleep phase and provides insight into how sleep quality is best improved. Sleep Cycle is one of the world’s most comprehensive sources for statistics on sleep and contributes to research and reporting on sleep worldwide. Sleep Cycle is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm under the ticker SLEEP. The head office is located in Gothenburg, Sweden.