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Sleep Cycle Launches ‘Sleep Cycle Kids’ - an app that enables parents to track, analyze and improve their children’s sleep
February 23, 2023, 09:00
February 23, 2023, Gothenburg - Sleep Cycle, the market-leading sleep tracker, today announced the launch of ‘Sleep Cycle Kids’,  a science-based app providing parents with tools to optimize the children’s sleep - and how to help their kids sleep better to optimize well-being for the whole family.

Sleep Cycle Kids is centered around an intelligent sleep schedule that adapts to each individual child and  gives parents the tools to determine the optimal bedtime, reduce the time it takes to fall asleep, and identify and change other behaviors that can be problematic for children’s sleep. 

An estimated 140 million babies are being born each year1, and in Western societies, about 20% of parents say their infant has a 'sleep problem'.2

“In fact, babies rarely sleep through the night on their own. And we’ve learned over time that if adults don’t get enough sleep then just about every aspect of their functioning suffers, including parenting”, comments Mike Gradisar, Head of Sleep Science at Sleep Cycle. “‘Sleep Cycle Kids’ helps parents feel confident in their parenting as it educates and guides them through information that enhances their understanding of infant sleep and prepares them for implementing a range of sleep solutions - all backed by scientific studies. By accompanying the family over time, ‘Sleep Cycle Kids’ will help maintain healthy sleep habits and have a positive impact on sleep, health and mood for both children and their parents”. 

With the launch of ‘Sleep Cycle Kids’, Sleep Cycle positions themselves in a growing market. The infant sleep aid industry is said to be worth USD$325 million per year3, with an estimated compound annual growth rate of 9.5% per year until 20264

“We are excited to have developed a new app tailored to fit the most precious things we have - our  children -  AND meet the growing demand that trained health professionals and sleep coaches cannot keep up with,” says Carl Johan Hederoth, Chief Executive Officer at Sleep Cycle. “We believe that by offering  a comprehensive solution based on research and psychology, supporting many of the features our users already love, we can improve the wellbeing of our users and their families and truly position ourselves as the only sleep app the whole family will ever need.”  

Sleep Cycle Kids has been developed in consultation with Sleep Cycle's leading engineers and sleep experts Li Åslund, clinical psychologist and Ph.D., and Mike Gradisar, clinical psychologist,  Ph.D. and Head of Sleep Science at Sleep Cycle, whose own infant sleep research has featured in the New York Times, BBC, Forbes and Reuters, and who is on the Advisory Board of the Pediatric Sleep Council.

For more information, please visit or contact:

Per Andersson
CFO and Head of Investor Relations
[email protected]
+46 70 939 5327

Malin Abrahamsson
Head of PR
[email protected]
+46 73 972 6424

About Sleep Cycle

With millions of daily active users and over two billion nights analyzed in more than 150 countries, Sleep Cycle is the leading sleep tracking application and one of the most widely used solutions worldwide to improve sleep health. Sleep Cycle’s mission is to improve global health by empowering people to sleep better. Since its launch in 2009, Sleep Cycle has helped millions of people understand their sleep habits and improve their sleep.  The mobile application helps users fall asleep more easily, tracks and analyses sleep during the night, wakes the user in a light sleep phase, and provides insight into how sleep quality is best improved. Sleep Cycle is one of the world’s most comprehensive sources for statistics on sleep and contributes to research and reporting on sleep worldwide. Sleep Cycle is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm under the ticker SLEEP. The head office is located in Gothenburg, Sweden.

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