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The strategy for the coming years is to increase investments in data, AI and product development to increase reach, access more users and grow through new acquisition channels. In order to achieve our goals, a focus on a wider range of services and increased accessibility is crucial. We must be present on platforms where our target groups are and where our unique knowledge and interest in sleep creates value.

Sleep Cycle's value and strengths grow each and every night. With patented sound analysis, we collect and analyze sleep data, which we then translate into insights for users worldwide. With each new user our database grows, with each night tracked, our analytical ability increases and with each analysis we generate even more valuable insights and can continue to develop new leading tools for an enhanced sleep experience.

Our strategic focus

1. Product development

New data-driven features that give users more insights into sleep and health.

  • Sleep improvement
  • Health tracking
  • Flu warning
  • Snoring
  • Breathing disruptions
  • Teeth grinding

Sleep forms the foundation of good health. Through our sleep analysis, we spend the whole night with our users and analyze sleep as well as snoring, coughing and teeth grinding. With our patented sound analysis, AI and machine learning, we continue to drive development, now and in the future.

With over a decade’s experience of collection and technical development, there are few market players who with similar precision can read and analyze the copious amounts of data our application can handle on a daily basis. The ability to translate our data into useful information for our users with knowledge and experience is essential. A value-creating work that continues to develop at a rapid pace. Today, we cannot only tell a user how he slept, but we can also analyze the reason why. We know who snores in a room, when they snore, at what sound frequency and how often. We can even interpret patterns in inhalation and exhalation that may be signs of sleep apnea. We can also identify coughing which could indicate the onset of a cold. Everything with a focus on the fact that better sleep leads to a better life.

Artificial intelligence

AI and machine learning have revolutionized our ability to handle large amounts of data and extract valuable information. By using advanced algorithms and techniques, we can now extract patterns and contexts that were previously unknown and inaccessible. That is why we continue to invest in capabilities within sleep data, machine learning and, above all, data infrastructure. To be a leader within AI and machine learning is not only about having access to advanced models and techniques, but above all about having a powerful and capable data infrastructure. Data is the primary raw material for machine learning and the more data, and better quality data we have, the more accurate our predictions and classifications will be. This in turn can lead to better insights, new functions and increased user value.

2. Increase reach 

Reach new users via new platforms, partnerships and other channels.

  • Partnerships
  • New platforms
  • New hardware

By being on further platforms and being exposed to more potential users, optimal conditions are created to grow the number of paying subscribers. In addition to the two largest app distribution channels; AppStore and Google Play, Sleep Cycle is now also available on the Huawei App Gallery. The launch of the collaboration with Gympass gave us exposure to a new audience in corporate health in markets where our reach has historically been limited. Sleep Cycle’s continued strategy is to grow by reaching users on new platforms, through more hardware such as smart watches, and through partnerships and collaborations that provide access to user groups with a strong interest in sleep and health.