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Attractive employer

As an employer, it is natural for us to offer a healthy work environment that is characterized by equality and inclusion, and that gives each employee the opportunity for professional development.

Our employees are Sleep Cycle's most important asset. By virtue of their competency and skillset, they inform our ability to create value and achieve our goals. Retaining knowledgeable and experienced employees while strengthening the organization with new skills is an important balance. Being seen as an attractive employer is therefore business-critical for us, and we are committed to developing an equal and healthy workplace characterized by professionalism and excellent opportunities for individual development.


We strive to be an equal opportunity organization in every way, with the goal of a gender balance of at least 40/60. We have already come a long way with a total share of female employees of 39%. The proportion of female managers is 20% and the proportion of women in Group Management is 20%.


Using the digital tool &Frankly, we regularly measure employee Net Promotor Score (eNPS) and engagement throughout the year. Our goal is an eNPS score of at least 20. We did not reach this target in 2023 and ended up with an average eNPS of 5. The main reason for the lower figures are the changes the organization went through during the year. In order to increase the eNPS score, one action going forward is to follow up and involve the employees to understand we can all do to improve. Something we have improved during the year is the response rate and we are pleased to see a response rate of 89% or above.


At Sleep Cycle, there is an obvious zero tolerance for discrimination and sexual harassment. It is important for the continued work of ensuring an equal and inclusive work environment, that we identify and continually add offers and benefits that contribute to a social and healthy community in the workplace as well as a good work-life balance.

The important preventive work of quickly identifying signs of poor health and stress among employees is a priority. As extra support, all employees are covered by a health insurance via Skandia with a focus on preventive measures. At Sleep Cycle we also run various health initiatives and sponsor each employee with SEK 4,000 annually in wellness contributions. In addition, employees are offered to participate in joint training sessions.

At the end of the year, Sleep Cycle had 38 employees. The focus for 2024 is to continue to develop and position the company as an attractive employer to both retain, and where necessary, recruit the skills we need.