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Global health

Improving people's sleep and health is the main purpose of Sleep Cycle and what drives our business. Our vast sleep database is a central source for the innovative development of our sleep services, and it also contributes to crucial global sleep research.

Good health is a fundamental prerequisite for people's possibility to reach their full potential and be an active part of society’s development. With our sleep service, we help people to sleep better and thus the opportunity for a better quality of life. We already know that our service has a positive impact on users' sleep as over 70 percent say they sleep better with the help of Sleep Cycle's sleep service.


Sleep research is relatively young and challenging in its format as it depends on large amounts of data on people's sleep. Sleep Cycle's vast database of over half a billion nights coupled with two million global users of our sleep service, offers rare opportunities to get an effective overview of sleep health globally - and is therefore an important and useful source for sleep research. With the users' active consent, we therefore share anonymized and aggregated data for a number of research projects worldwide.
More and more companies realize the value of having sustainable and healthy employees and how good sleep is a strong contributing factor in this. We have a growing number of collaborations with companies in the health and wellness sector and have developed a corporate offering, Sleep Cycle's Boot Camp, which allows employees to participate in a web-based sleep and health program for four weeks. The stated goal being that better sleep helps employees feel better, improve their sense of well-being and increase their performance both in their professional role and in their private lives.


In order to help the user better understand how sleep quality can be improved, we work with a broad perspective on health markers such as snoring and breathing. Our patented algorithm for sound analysis captures and analyzes the sounds that arise when the user sleeps. Coughs can be compiled and presented as cough frequency curves over time, for example, for a region or a country. During outbreaks of covid, a direct correlation between covid and coughing could be found by Sleep Cycle's analysts. They linked sleep data from hundreds of thousands of daily US users with the number of confirmed omicron infections in the US during a November 2021 omicron outbreak.
With huge amounts of coughing data stored, where we automatically get more with each passing night, we see excellent opportunities to be able to identify deviations at an early stage. Insights into early detected symptoms can provide new possibilities for providing various public functions with critical information that can potentially contribute to more effective identification, or even predict future outbreaks of disease with a large societal impact.