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Apple recognizes Sleep Cycle machine learning engineer in a feature on remarkable women in the European app economy
November 2, 2022, 13:30
November 2, 2022, Gothenburg - Sleep Cycle, the market-leading sleep tracker, today announced that Maria Larsson, machine learning engineer at Sleep Cycle, has been featured in Apple’s Simply Outstanding Women (, which spotlights women and non-binary people  and their contributions to the iOS app economy. Maria’s integral work on Sleep Cycle’s latest ‘Who’s snoring?r’ feature was key to her selection, released today exclusively for iOS users.

Apple today released the first story from the ‘Simply Outstanding’ series. Sleep Cycle is delighted to see the inclusion of Maria Larsson, machine learning engineer at Sleep Cycle, on Apple’s coveted line-up of top female talent in European tech. 

Maria has led the task force on Sleep Cycle’s latest strategic feature, ‘Who’s snoring?’ where she applied machine learning models to distinguish between snoring sounds from two or more people sharing a bedroom. With several million users choosing to share their data with Sleep Cycle, Maria was able to tackle the complex task of training a model that can differentiate between people’s snoring using few-shot-learning. The novel solution is now patented. For the user, this will allow a more accurate picture of their sleep health. 

Snoring, often dismissed as a nuisance only to the person sharing the room, can actually be a sign of obstructive sleep apnea and is linked to a wide range of other negative health-related issues. Providing the user with a comprehensive sleep analysis and letting them know where the snoring is coming from, is the first step for them to implement the right measures for their sleep health and overall wellbeing. 

Maria is a master’s graduate in computer engineering with a focus on algorithms from Chalmers University of Technology and has a lengthy experience in data engineering, data science and machine learning, Maria’s work at Sleep Cycle involves developing innovative machine learning solutions to complex problems. 

“I have a strong desire to help others through innovation and at Sleep Cycle I feel I can give people worldwide access to tools that will enable them to sleep and feel better. Technically what we’ve created with ‘Who’s snoring?’ is an interesting solution to a rather difficult problem” said Maria Larsson, Machine Learning Engineer at Sleep Cycle. 

Sleep Cycle sticks out with its strong representation of women in leadership roles and across their technology and product teams. 

Cecilia Mikkov, Chief HR Officer at Sleep Cycle attributes this to a range of reasons:  

“In the industry we operate, you often see an overrepresentation of men. At Sleep Cycle we are very proud of the even gender distribution we have today. We work actively to offer benefits and create a work environment that is appreciated by everyone, regardless of gender. This is a focus we carry with us through both hiring and work processes, central to our entire corporate culture.” 

The ‘Who’s snoring?’ feature will complement existing tools such as the popular Smart Alarm, sleep tracking and analysis through sound or motion detection, sleep music and meditations. It will initially be available on the iOS platform. 

Maria Larsson’s recognition in Apple’s article featuring remarkable women from the European iOS app economy was announced yesterday. 

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