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Sleep Cycle as an investment

Sleep Cycle is a subscription-based platform for sleep analysis and sleep improvement. We are the market leader, profitable and have a clear strategic focus on constantly further developing our service. Here we tell you why you should consider investing in Sleep Cycle.

* Average subscription revenue per subscriber during the period


That's why you should be interested in investing in Sleep Cycle

  1. We hold an unique position in a large and rapidly growing digital market
  1. We have an attractive subscription-based business model that combines high growth with excellent margins
  1. Our app is already the leading global sleep tracking application with over 500 million nights of analyzed data
  1. Our team of entrepreneurs constantly drive technological innovation
  1. We were first to market, making our product highly accessible and scalable
  1. We are only at the beginning of our growth journey towards improved product offering and more service packages

Financial objectives


Sleep Cycle aims to have annual net sales growth of at least 30% adjusted for currency effects from 2022 onwards.


The company aims to prioritize growth over profitability and aims for an EBIT margin of around 20% in the medium term, with the long-term EBIT margin exceeding 30%.

Dividend policy

The Board of Directors in Sleep Cycle AB (publ) has a adopted a dividend policy with the goal that dividend shall, over time, amount to between 40% and 60% of annual net profit after taxes.

Sleep Cycle has a history of profitability and strong cash generation. With an asset light business model underpinned by prepaid subscriptions, the Board of Directors opinion is that the company can deliver on its long-term strategic goals, including investments for increased revenue growth, in combination with an annual dividend yield.

Health as a business model

Our business is based on a subscription-based business model that, through advance payments and recurring revenue, creates predictability and a strong cash flow.

Since we offer a valued product that is based on many years of development, and where the influx of customers is largely organic, we have low costs for customer acquisition, which gives high profitability.

In combination with the fact that the cost for each new user is close to zero kroner, our business is one hundred percent scalable.


The market

Sleep Cycle reaches a very large part of the world's population because the app can be used virtually on all iOS and Android devices. 

A significant part of the world's population experiences problems with sleep at some point in their lifetime. It can be related to stress, nightmares, or toddlers. Many people do not experience sleep problems but want to sleep well in order to wake up rested and recovered in order to perform well and live their life to the fullest. 

Sleep Cycle offers functions for sleep analysis, sleep optimization as well as give tips, advice, and guides for minor sleep problems such as difficulty falling asleep, difficulty fall back asleep or bad habits. Through these types of functions, we target a very large part of the world's population. Through advanced AI-based sleep analysis, we will in the future also be able to indicate clinical sleep problems. 

The future of Sleep Cycle

The future of sleep optimization offers expansive opportunities in both product development and accessibility of our services in more channels, platforms, and through new partnerships. Through an almost unique amount of sleep data, patented sleep analysis and a large user base, we are in a very good position to develop the services of the future for sleep analysis.


We are now in a development phase where we continue to expand Sleep Cycle's coaching tools, add new functions for analysis of sleep, snoring, and sleep hygiene while planning to be available on additional platforms and channels. In the somewhat longer term, we envision the possibility of being able to offer more functions for optimizing health, sleep, and well-being as well as functions to be able to indicate clinical sleep problems such as insomnia and sleep apnea. 



Product offer

Mobile app

The Sleep Cycle app is a comprehensive sleep service that helps you fall asleep, wake up refreshed and improve your sleep.

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Company Offer

Sleep Cycle Bootcamp is a four-week, web-based sleep and wellness program to achieve better sleep for better health, well-being and performance in your team, both at work and in private life.

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