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About Sleep Cycle

Sleep Cycle's mission is to improve global health by getting people around the world to sleep better. With over two million active users in more than 150 countries worldwide, Sleep Cycle is one of the world's most used sleep services and the leading mobile sleep application on the market.

Key figures

2 million active users
2009 launched
+150 countires
14 languages
236 MSEK net sales 2023
26% adjusted operating margin 2023
893k subscribers 2023-12-31
+2 billion nights analyzed

How Sleep Cycle works 

Understand your sleep

With patented sound analysis, Sleep Cycle reads movement patterns during the night, analyzes your sleep, and match up its results with surrounding factors and daily activities. 

Wake up refreshed 

Sleep Cycle wakes you up in a light sleep phase, giving you the feeling of waking up refreshed when the smart alarm rings. 


Fall Asleep Quickly 

Sleep Cycle offers a large audio library of relaxing music, meditations, and stories to help you fall asleep more easily. 

Improve your sleep

The results of the sleep analysis are presented in the form of insights and graphs that are easy to understand and provide personalized guidance on how you can learn more about and improve your sleep. 

Health as a business model

Our business is based on a subscription-based business model that, through advance payments and recurring revenue, creates predictability and a strong cash flow. Since we offer a valued product that is based on many years of development, and where the influx of customers is largely organic, we have low costs for customer acquisition, which gives high profitability. In combination with the fact that the cost for each new user is close to zero kroner, our business is one hundred percent scalable.

The future of Sleep Cycle 

The future of sleep optimization offers expansive opportunities in both product development and accessibility of our services in more channels, platforms, and through new partnerships. Through an almost unique amount of sleep data, patented sleep analysis and a large user base, we are in a very good position to develop the services of the future for sleep analysis.

We are now in a development phase where we continue to expand Sleep Cycle's coaching tools, add new functions for analysis of sleep, snoring, and sleep hygiene while planning to be available on additional platforms and channels. In the somewhat longer term, we envision the possibility of being able to offer more functions for optimizing health, sleep, and well-being as well as functions to be able to indicate clinical sleep problems such as insomnia and sleep apnea. 

Competitors and the market 

Sleep Cycle was the first app of its kind to be launched, giving it a lead on later-launched competitors. We have the largest market share globally and our advantage continues to grow as we find new sales channels and expand our offer. 

As the interest in health and well-being increases, so does the interest in creating sleep technology. Large companies today provide their users with a wide range of products in the same segment as our product, which could have a negative effect on our market share. In order to secure our place in the market, we are now and will continue to work actively with product development in order to be able to offer our users an innovative and diversified product offering. 

Product offering 

The Sleep Cycle app is a comprehensive sleep service that helps you fall asleep, wake up refreshed and improve your sleep.

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