About Sleep Cycle
Sleep Cycle is one of the world’s most popular sleep health solutions and the leading sleep tracking application, with global brand recognition and over two million active users in more than 150 countries, all over the world.
With the mission to improve global health through better sleep and over a billion nights analyzed, Sleep Cycle is one of the world’s most comprehensive sources of sleep data, contributing to sleep research and reporting all over the world. A significant platform that provides valuable insight into sleep habits and sleep trends, among users and the world at large.
Since launch in 2009, Sleep Cycle has evolved from an application focused on waking users during light sleep, into a comprehensive holistic sleep solution. Over the years, a strong focus on value for the end-user has resulted in a constant 4.5+ ranking in our distribution channels. Our technology has evolved from the use of the accelerometer for sleep tracking to the launch of our patented sound analysis and implementation of machine learning in our tracking and analysis of sleep data. The evolvement creates an even more personalized user journey, with focus on individual sleep patterns and learnings. With over 455 million sleep nights stored, Sleep Cycle has grown into one of the world’s most comprehensive sources of sleep data.
How Sleep Cycle works
Fall asleep more easily
Sleep Cycle offers an extensive library with music, meditations and stories. They help reduce anxiety, relax your body, calm your breathing or just provide you with some comfort.
Understand your sleep
With its patented sound analysis technology, Sleep Cycle listens to your sounds and provides you with an analysis of your sleep. It correlates its findings with your habits, external factors and daily activities and helps you figure out the good and bad influencers on your sleep.
Wake up feeling rested
Sleep Cycle wakes you up when you’re in your lightest sleep phase, and helps you feeling rested and recovered as you rise to face the day.
Improve your sleep
The results of the sleep analysis are presented as easy-to-understand insights and trends, providing tailored guidance on how you can change your routine to improve your sleep.


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