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Responsible entrepreneurship

Sleep Cycle must conduct a business based on ethical business practices and regulatory compliance in all parts of the business. Zero tolerance towards all forms of corruption prevails.

Sleep Cycle's code of conduct sets the framework for how we act as a company as well as for how our employees act in relation to customers, suppliers and society at large. The code of conduct is based on the UN's Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the ILO's Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights and the UN's Global Compact. During the year, we also developed a sustainability policy that defines our positions and commitments. The two documents are closely linked and reflect our culture and approach to the world around us and to each other. They include all employees and all companies owned or controlled by Sleep Cycle.


The development of Sleep Cycle's sleep service mainly happens within the company, resulting in limited purchases. However, our expectations of the suppliers we collaborate with are clear with requirements for compliance with human rights, good business ethics, laws and regulations. We manage these expectations as part of the supplier agreement contracting process.
Our endeavor to maintain an entrusted business environment with high business ethics also includes protecting and upholding the safety and respect for all the people affected by our operations. For individuals who want to draw our attention to the fact that something inappropriate may have happened or to deficiencies in rule compliance, our whistleblower function is available on our website for anonymous reporting.