Lär känna Andrea

Andrea - Product Designer

When we want to implement a new feature for our app or improve an existing one, Andrea is responsible for creating a positive and enjoyable experience for our users, making it intuitive and visually appealing.

What do you love about your role?

I love that my role lets me apply my technical and artistic skills to help people achieve better health, which is really important to me.

Describe Sleep Cycle in three words

  • Caring
  • Fun
  • Forward-thinking

Why should a prospective candidate choose Sleep Cycle as an employer?

Sleep Cycle offers the possibility to help people improve their sleep and life, as well as work with innovative technology. As an employee I always felt genuinely taken care of, with a great work-life balance. As a designer I have the opportunity to work with a product that is used by millions of people all over the world, making it possible to measure the effect of your work in a really short period of time.

Favorite moment at Sleep Cycle

Probably our latest kick off. We were at a ski resort in Norway and it was fun to spend time skiing (and afterskiing :) with the whole Gothenburg+Stockholm gang gathered in one place.

Favorite Sleep Cycle Benefit?

It’s a tough one. I would have said the monthly massage. Last year though, during th Christmas holidays, Sleep Cycle let us pick two working days to spend with our loved and beloved, due to the fact that most of the red days were happening during weekends. It was a really generous benefit!

Favorite Sleep Cycle feature?

The sleep tracking and the insights I can derive from it. I didn’t know I occasionally snored and I found out it happens only during some specific circumstances. I am also really curious to see what sounds have happened during the night when I wake up and stop the analysis. Having had trouble sleeping I continuously strive to improve my routines and sleep environment and I want as many hints as I can get.  

How do you preferably spend a Saturday evening?

Definitely in the company of my girlfriend and friends. Doesn’t really matter the activity, can be a home gathering, a dinner, a concert, a pub, as long as there are laughs involved!