Lär känna Evelina

Evelina - iOS Developer

Meet Evelina, one of our skilled iOS Developers at Sleep Cycle. Evelina loves how dynamic her role is, as it constantly presents her with thrilling new challenges, initiatives and an opportunity for personal growth and learning.

Describe Sleep Cycle in three words?

Driven, caring, cutting edge.

Favorite Sleep Cycle Benefit?

Having a day off on your birthday is the best thing ever! I am really happy that we have such benefit at Sleep Cycle, I mean who likes to work on their birthday anyway!

Favorite Sleep Cycle feature?

It's definitely the Smart Alarm. Being a mom of 2 small kids, quality sleep is an important aspect of my life and the Smart Alarm feature improved it tremendously.

Favorite quote?

“What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger” is my life motto. It's important to remember that every life experience - good or bad - is an important learning which will stay with you for the rest of your life.

Any hidden talents?

I have a perfect pitch, so I can reproduce any melody I hear in a matter of seconds on a piano. Does that count as a hidden talent? 😃

How do you preferably spend a Saturday evening?

Chilling in the garden with my family, having a glass of wine, cooking something exciting (homemade pizza is my favorite), and playing with the kids. When the kids fall asleep, it's time for a book, good tv show or a video game.