Lär känna Filip

Filip – Art Director

If you've ever paused to admire Sleep Cycle's innovative and creative graphics, you're not alone. The creative mastermind behind all the appealing visuals in our app, website and blog posts, is our Art Director, Filip. ”Art Director” may be his official title, but Filip enjoys meddling in all things visual, and everything that has to do with user interaction. Filip has been a part of the Sleep Cycle family for several years, and has been key in shaping Sleep Cycle's brand profile, look and personality.

How would you describe Sleep Cycle?

Fun, interesting and worthwhile.

Why should a prospective candidate choose Sleep Cycle as an employer? 

You’ll get to work with specialists in different fields, that all strive to create a great product.

Your favorite moment at Sleep Cycle?

I remember once we saw an unexpected rise in installs from social, and when we tried to figure out what caused it we found out it was because someone shared their fart sounds on TikTok. Go figure!

Any hidden talents?

I play the drums, guitar, little bit of piano and even less of the saxophone.

Favorite quote?

“If I had more time, I would have written a shorter letter.” — Marcus Tullius Cicero, philosopher and statesman. This quote is something I get back to from time to time as it shows how the struggle to be specific, deliberate and focused is something we all struggle with but that it is something everyone on the receiving end appreciates.

How do you preferably spend a Saturday evening?

Listening to music, hanging out with my family. Cooking dinner with my wife. Creating some dinosaur themed arts and crafts project or building something out of Legos with my kids. I also like to play games like Risk, Zelda and Cuphead.