Lär känna Mikael

Mikael – Product Manager

Meet Mikael who as Product Manager for Growth and B2B at Sleep Cycle knows how to sync web and app development with the commercial teams within Sleep Cycle and our external partners. Mikael is at his best when he, as part of a team, works to continuously create value for our users. He plays a key role in the continuing development of Sleep Cycle products and partner collaborations.

How would you describe daily work at Sleep Cycle in three words?

Meaningful, inspirational, great-fun-every-day.

Top moment at Sleep Cycle?

I started at Sleep Cycle just as the Corona restrictions were lifted in Sweden and the company was in the middle of developing our first B2B initiative. To be able to return to the workplace and together deliver the first version of our Boot Camp to our first B2B customer was an awesome team moment. The strength of working together in real life really showed in that moment.

Favorite Sleep Cycle feature?

Please don’t kill me…but it is the Smart Snooze, when you just tap the nightstand…but hear me out. I just use it 1-2 times before I get up, feeling refreshed ;-)

Why should a prospective candidate choose Sleep Cycle as an employer?

We have the market's best app for sleep! Being part of this great company that has developed an app I have used daily since the early days is amazing. I benefit from the things I help develop every day privately. And I still see great possibilities to improve our services even more. Candidates should apply to Sleep Cycle if they want to help shape the company with their values and experience, and to help us help people of the world to live their lives truly awake.

What’s your favorite Sleep Cycle Benefit?

It must be the monthly massage you can get. Sleep Cycle helps you stay healthy and fit by encouraging you to exercise and recover in order to feel good.

What’s your hidden talents?

I think I surprised my colleagues during our latest company music quiz. I have a good ear for music played between 1980-2010.

Favorite quote and why?

What’s done is done. Learn from your mistakes instead of spending time dwelling in the past.

How do you prefer to spend a Saturday evening?

With friends and family, some American BBQ, and an IPA or a sour Ale. If it is football season, I would probably top it all with 90 minutes on the sofa. Go red devils!